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Workshop Leader

Sandy leads workshops on selected topics, and typically packs the house with attendees who choose his session and often their spouses. That’s because the sessions are informative, practical, and entertaining. Sandy typically expands on his interaction with the audience by setting up small group activities and other creative exercises to help make a point. The workshops Sandy leads are often among the most popular offered in the venue and the audience ratings are off the charts.

Business Consultant

Clients engage Sandy to help them analyze areas of their business in which they are underperforming and to develop remedial strategies. Sandy can often provide insight about practices used by best-in-class firms. Sandy is sometimes employed on a long-term basis or to address a current critical issue.

Keynote Speaking

Sandy delivers customized keynote presentations that are lively, imaginative, thought-provoking and sometimes humorous. One of Sandy’s strengths is story-telling and he incorporates this skill in making key points. He typically uses bold, attention-getting presentation graphics and short video clips to help the audience envision and retain the main points. He incorporates interactive techniques to involve the audience whenever time allows.

Meeting Facilitator

Sandy uses his ability to relate to people in meetings or conferences to help them stay on topic and reach the stated objective. His personal counseling experience and calm demeanor make him a perfect choice to help diffuse anger and anxiety about topics that are highly charged and high stakes.

Presentation Coach

Nancy Duarte, author of Slide: ology and master presenter said, “Every presenter has the potential to be great; every presentation is high stakes; and every audience deserves the absolute best.” Sandy works with individuals and groups to prepare and deliver the best presentation they can to accomplish a clearly articulated presentation objective. He sometimes works to help speakers develop general presentation techniques and skills. He also helps clients build a particular critical presentation.

Executive Coach

Sometimes valuable employees can develop a performance issue in a particular area of his or her service. For example, a highly skilled executive, physician, scientist, engineer or other specialist may have an interpersonal deficiency, such as performing productively as part of a team or with customers. Sandy is sometimes employed to work with such an individual to improve his performance or, perhaps, save his job.


Sandy has an outstanding ability to adjust his presentation to engage his audience.

Svend Hovmand, Chairman Emeritus, Crossville Inc

His ability to connect with the attendees makes him so much more than a guest speaker.

Susan Masterson, VP Provider Recruitment, TEAMHealth

He has proved to be an exceptional resource for leadership development, change management and remarkable customer service.

John Staley M.D., Cofounder of TeamHEALTH

Our attendees told us to bring Sandy back! He was the highlight of our event!

Christine Coate, Events Manager, World Travel BTI

Sandy has the unique ability to engage his audience through powerful real-world stories.

Sandie Baron, VP- Global Human Resources, E-Z EM